About Us

Worldwide Battery was founded in 2001 as a wholesale distributor of batteries, located in the Midwestern area the United States.  Initial operations began in Anderson, Indiana and through rapid growth, Worldwide Battery has quickly expanded its operations to nine locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. This company is owned and WorldWide Battery Warehouse2operated by executives who know the ins and outs of the battery business and have been successful entrepreneurs in such ventures in the past. The general philosophy of the company is to surpass the competition by providing quality products coupled with outstanding service, in an effort to maintain lasting customer relationships. Ownership is known for being able to balance a fiscally conservative management philosophy with an aggressive approach in servicing and retaining the company’s most valuable assets, its customers. This approach is demonstrated by the rapid and profitable growth of the company in the past ten years of business. In addition, management has a belief that taking a ‘Partner Approach’ with its vendors creates strong, lasting relationships which allows our company to provide batteries of the highest quality to our customers. Worldwide Battery has consistently maintained the same vendors throughout the history of the company and we contribute our success to these unchanged relationships. The word “partnership” is often overused in the business world, but the evidence of the success of the partnership concept can be seen by the success of our current venture as well as the success of each of the previous businesses founded by our management team.


    • Integrity
    • Honesty
    • Passionate People Willing To Do “Whatever It Takes”
    • Positive Attitudes
    • Teamwork
    • Respect for the Customer
    • Professional Service & Image
    • Exceeding Customer Expectations

WorldWide Battery Warehouse2Worldwide Battery is aware of the fact that our company would not be successful without surrounding ourselves with honest, hardworking and dedicated employees who are as passionate about the success of the company as management is. Our company takes great pride in the creativity to inspire; the authority to lead its employees; along with the drive to encourage positive social and environmental change. We are able to achieve this by providing innovative products and processes, empowering our employees to take initiative to do what is right, and celebrating success by recognizing and rewarding achievements of individuals and teams.

  • Corporate
    9955 Westpoint Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46256
    Phone: (317) 845-1330
    FAX: (317) 845-1534
    Email: sales@worldwidebattery.com