Golf Cart Batteries

Golf Cart BatteryJust like car or motorcycle batteries, not all golf cart batteries are the same. At Worldwide Battery, we know you demand your golf cart battery to be just as reliable as any other product we make. We take the time to make sure your golf cart battery is the last thing you have to worry about.

The basic difference between regular car batteries and golf cart batteries is that in the later, the batteries do not automatically get charged when it is driven.  Golf cart batteries are susceptible to frequent discharge. Regular precautionary measures in the maintenance can safeguard the batteries against drastic decrease in the life. There are many simple but vital aspects that need attention here.

Several types of batteries are in use for different purposes of which lead-acid deep cycle wet batteries are largely used in golf carts. The expression ‘deep cycle battery’ is self-explanatory that the chief consideration is regular optimum deep discharge of its capacity. The purpose, design and construction of the deep cycle batteries used in golf carts are different from those of cranking batteries used in cars. Though both work on the same principle, composition and chemistry, there are vast variations in the cart

The composition of batteries itself is to be done carefully. Generally a cart runs on a voltage of 36 or 48. Battery units of identical voltage like 6 volts x 6 or 12 volts x 4 can be cascaded to get desired power. A fusion of batteries of different voltage units may cause the risk of overcharging or undercharging affecting the performance.  The very performance of the battery and its life depends on three major factors – its maintenance, amount of use it receives and the recharge.

More important is the recharging methods during the long off-season time. When you don’t intend using the batteries for long, they should fully be charged and stored after disconnecting from the charger. Check the batteries every four weeks, charge them again fully and store after disconnecting from the charger. Batteries should never be connected to the charger during the long periods of storage.  Stand loss discharge is a condition that causes rapid self-discharge of the batteries, particularly in warmer weather when not charged properly. Choose the right temperature to store the charged batteries for longer life. Keeping the batteries clean and in good condition, with full charge are the basic prerequisites for longer survivability of the golf cart batteries during winter storage time.

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