Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Wheelchair BatterySealed Lead Acid batteries, sometimes known by “gel-cell”, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or SLA batteries are rechargeable replacement batteries for a range of applications including UPS systems, wheelchairs, scooters & mobility products, security alarms, telecommunications, lighting, portable tools, medical equipment, consumer electronics, lawnmowers, ride-on toys, and more!

Lead acid batteries where the first rechargeable batteries ever developed…invented by French physicist Gaston Plante in 1859.Extremely affordable, reliable and available in a variety of sizes (from the very small to the very large) SLA batteries are used when very high power is required and is the most powerful type of rechargeable battery on the market today. The Sealed Lead Acid battery is a very versatile battery and performs best at higher temperatures.

The Sealed Lead Acid battery is a heavier battery than most. It weighs at least twice as much than any other rechargeable battery on the market. To get the longest life out of this battery, it must always be stored in a charged condition. If you leave it in a discharged state it will cause the lead in the battery to interact with acid, causing it to sulfate. One this happens, you cannot recondition the battery. Also, a Sealed Lead Acid battery should NEVER be fully discharged.

Here are the voltages for common use in typical 6-cell sealed lead acid batteries:

Open-circuit (at full charge): 12.6V – 12.8V (2.10 – 2.13V per cell)
Open-circuit (at full discharge): 11.8V – 12.0V
Loaded (at full discharge): 10.5V
Continuous-preservation (float) charging:Mojo
Gelled electrolyte: 13.4V
AGM (absorbed glass mat): 13.5V
Flooded cells: 13.8V
Typical (daily) charging: 14.2V – 14.5V (depending on manufacturer’s recommendations)
Equalization charging (for flooded lead acid batteries): 15V for no more than 2 hours
Gassing threshold: 14.4V
After full discharge, terminal voltage drops quickly to 13.2V and then slowly to 12.6V

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